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8911 South Sandy Parkway, Suite 200
Sandy, UT 84070


SilverVue is a healthcare software provider whose platform improves the patient experience and enables them to make well-informed decisions regarding their post-acute care. Headquartered in Sandy, Utah, SilverVue is led by experienced technology entrepreneurs who have a proven track record of success and are committed to developing technologies that improve the quality of healthcare along with the patient experience. 

SIlverSearch is a Bridge for Rural Hospitals and Metropolitan Areas


SIlverSearch is a Bridge for Rural Hospitals and Metropolitan Areas

Vaughn Marie Gouff

By Michelle Anderson, BSN, RN

Rural providers must be knowledgeable about healthcare and the available resources for successful care navigation. Inevitably, the patient’s caregiver will ask, “If I was your mother, where would you send me?” A sentiment mirrored in virtually all healthcare communities.

The impact of social, emotional and financial variables are greatly decreased with SilverSearch. Enhancing the patient experience, the caregiver is able to sit with the patient and review facilities outside of their area from the patient’s bedside. The conversations between the healthcare providers, patient, and caregivers are vastly improved along with the efficiencies for the healthcare providers.

The SilverSearch application bridges the gap between Rural and Metropolitan areas with an extensive database of post-acute care (PAC) providers.

Rural and metropolitan communities alike benefit from SilverSearch to maintain regulatory compliance with patient choice by ensuring access to reliable national provider data and CMS ratings using visual tools that don’t require high levels of literacy and comprehension. In some circumstances, patients are transferred to hospitals hundreds of miles away, then triaged through an unfamiliar care continuum to a PAC provider or Behavioral Health hospital. SilverSearch is antidote to the toil; the ideal solution for patient-centered DC planning.

There are 62 million Americans living in rural communities. As a result of numerous factors, rural residents tend to be sicker for longer periods of time. Incidence health complications are greater in rural communities due to limited education and employment in conjunction with geographic isolation, and historically, poor access to healthcare. Poor access to healthcare increases risks for non-compliance and reduces the quality of the overall patient experience.

Improvements to rural healthcare have been made over the past 20 years, with aggressive implementation over the last three years. Improvements such as, financial grants, the integration of telemedicine, outreach programs through larger metropolitan hospital systems, and increased educational opportunities for patients and their care communities. These improvements and the use of SilverSearch collectively increase patient choice options, heighten the level of patient experience and increase overall compliance to patient centered-plans of care.

In honor of National Rural Health Day, we recognize the thousands of healthcare providers dedicated to working in the shadows. Thank you for working diligently to attract and retain quality