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SilverVue Inc.

8911 South Sandy Parkway
Suite 200
Sandy, UT 84070

8911 South Sandy Parkway, Suite 200
Sandy, UT 84070


SilverVue is a healthcare software provider whose platform improves the patient experience and enables them to make well-informed decisions regarding their post-acute care. Headquartered in Sandy, Utah, SilverVue is led by experienced technology entrepreneurs who have a proven track record of success and are committed to developing technologies that improve the quality of healthcare along with the patient experience. 


SilverVue: Ensuring Quality Post-Acute Care

Vaughn Marie Gouff

By GE Ventures

Published in May 24, 2016

Imagine this scenario: you’re laying in a hospital bed after a procedure that has left you looking for post-acute care (PAC). A case manager walks in, gives you a list of PAC providers and tells you to pick one. Legally, case managers are not allowed to give recommendations, but you don’t know anything about the quality of care these providers will provide. You’re faced with a blind decision concerning your health and there’s seemingly nothing you can do about it.

Enter SilverVue: a provider of patient transitional care technologies, and our newest portfolio company.

To address PAC challenges, SilverVue has built its SilverSearch platform – a digital directory that organizes healthcare provider options by CMS ratings, zip codes and insurance plans. Patients can now easily select service providers based on the specialized care they need as they leave the hospital, such as long-term acute care, inpatient rehabilitation, skilled nursing or home health services. The platform is simple for both patients and case managers to use, and the result is a more streamlined process, reduced costs and improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.

SilverVue aims to instill confidence and peace of mind for patients seeking transitional care.  We’re quite excited to co-lead SilverVue’s latest funding round, helping to alleviate the pain points currently plaguing the PAC industry.

With this funding SilverVue will grow its sales and account management teams in order to scale its service offerings and expand its customer base.

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