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8911 South Sandy Parkway
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8911 South Sandy Parkway, Suite 200
Sandy, UT 84070


SilverVue is a healthcare software provider whose platform improves the patient experience and enables them to make well-informed decisions regarding their post-acute care. Headquartered in Sandy, Utah, SilverVue is led by experienced technology entrepreneurs who have a proven track record of success and are committed to developing technologies that improve the quality of healthcare along with the patient experience. 

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SilverVue Announces Change of Address



SANDY, UTAH – September 29, 2015 – SilverVue®, a provider of hospital patient transitional care and telehealth technologies, announced today that they have moved their corporate office to a new location in Sandy, Utah.

The address of the new location is 8911 South Sandy Parkway, Suite 200, Sandy, UT 84070. All other contact information, including phone numbers, remains the same.

“The new space reflects the momentum of growth and activity we are seeing in our sales and product development at SilverVue,” commented Rick Hulme, Vice President of Operations.

About SilverVue

SilverVue is an innovative software company founded by Will West and led by experienced technology entrepreneurs with a proven track-record of success. The Company is leveraging technology to solve healthcare challenges and has developed a technology platform to reduce healthcare costs while improving outcomes and increasing patient satisfaction. Designed by case managers for case managers, the SilverVue searchable tablet directory helps patients choose their transitional care by filtering their choice of care facilities nationally available. The real-time information empowers patients to make the preferred choices most suited to them.

The SilverVue tablet with SilverSearch supports CMS hospital compliance of 42 CFR 482.13(b)(1) & (2), which states that the patient has the right to participate in the development and implementation of his or her plan of care, and to make informed decisions regarding his or her care.

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For press inquiries, contact:
Vaughn Marie Gouff
Director of Marketing & Public Relations

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