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SilverVue Inc.

8911 South Sandy Parkway
Suite 200
Sandy, UT 84070

8911 South Sandy Parkway, Suite 200
Sandy, UT 84070


SilverVue is a healthcare software provider whose platform improves the patient experience and enables them to make well-informed decisions regarding their post-acute care. Headquartered in Sandy, Utah, SilverVue is led by experienced technology entrepreneurs who have a proven track record of success and are committed to developing technologies that improve the quality of healthcare along with the patient experience. 

Hospital Case Managers

Designed by Case Managers,
for Case Managers 

Hospital case managers use the SilverVue digital tablet directory to help patients view, compare, and choose their post-acute care provider. Patients can easily sort and filter providers based on their specialized care, needs, preferred location anywhere in the U.S., and accepted insurance plans. The application provides information that helps patient decision-making, including CMS ratings, patient testimonials, photos, and contact information. 

SilverSearch supports hospital initiatives and programs with filters that guide patients to CMS approved providers for CJR, preferred and affiliated providers. 


Case managers use SilverSign, a patient e-signature tool, to allow patients to electronically sign, date, and time-stamp any important documentation such as, “An Important Message from Medicare,” “Medicare Outpatient Observation Notice (MOON),” and the patient preference and PAC provider selection forms. 

By using SilverSign in conjunction with SilverSearch, a patient’s selection of their post-acute care provider is automatically documented and electronically posted from the tablet to the patient’s EHR.

More Tools for Case Managers

Online Search and Print - The SilverSearch portal allows discharge staff to perform searches for individuals and print customized lists in situations where a printed list is needed. Case Manager Directors and hospital admin use the portal to track searches and generate reports.

Community Resources - Community Resources (e.g., shelters, food banks, and transportation) used by case managers and social workers are uploaded to the tablet from the portal for easy access. 

Digital Resources - Information usually kept in binders and on post-it notes (e.g., processes, schedules, or references, other useful information) are now easily accessed through the Digital Binder to support their workflow.

Hospital Partnerships with SilverVue

SilverVue has partnerships with hospitals across the U.S. We provide ready to use tablets with the SilverSearch application and SilverSign feature to hospitals at no cost.  Our Customer Success team provides training and help to support your hospital's workflow so your team can do more. Contact us to learn how we can support your hospital.

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